LASR Program: Are you curious?

At The White Mountain School all students complete an independent project through our LASR program. LASR stands for Leadership, Arts, Service, and Research. These general categories demonstrate the range of projects that students choose to undertake. This program is our way of saying that passion matters, and that we know each and every student has a spark that we want to help kindle, a fire we want to help focus.

The LASR program is emblematic of our goals of helping students develop curiosity, critical thinking, and communication skills. Engagement in this program encourages students to think about learning not in the traditional way, where the teacher determines the topic, the content, the skills, the scope and sequence. Rather, students think about their own passions and the questions and projects that flow from these passions. Through LASR students develop the skills needed for success in college and beyond. Research on college success is clear: successful students ask great questions, know how to find and use resources, deal effectively with ambiguity, manage their time well, and communicate clearly. LASR projects focus squarely on these skills.

LASR projects are designed to add value to the world in some form; WMS students work to make a positive contribution to society. Students also submit their original research in the form of a paper. And finally, they present their findings publicly to our community.

LASR Projects & Related College Placements

Quantum Economy
Kyra Rauschenbach
Barnard College

Chinese Dance
Yixun Wang
Rhode Island School of Design

Storytelling through Dance
Katherine Desimine
Smith College

Women in the Workforce
Yue Zhou
Wesleyan University

Photovoltaic Systems
Andrew Snead
Clarkson University

3D Digital Animation
Sam Conant
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Winter Photography in the White Mountains
JJ Berkun
The University of Maine

Computer Programming in Java
Spencer Alderman
Rochester Institute of Technology


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