Dance, Drama and Arts at White Mountain School

White Mountain School is one of the finer private art schools in New England. Learn more how WMS supports the arts today in this podcast with student and avid dancer Rohan Barthelmy.
John: Hi, I'm John Maher. I'm here today with Rohan Barthelmy, a student at The White Mountain School, a private college prep day and boarding school in New Hampshire. Today, we're talking about dance, drama and the arts at White Mountain School. Welcome, Rohan.

Rohan: Thanks for having me, John.

John: Sure. Rohan, tell me a little bit about yourself.

Rohan: My name is Rohan Barthelemy. I'm an 11th grader at The White Mountain School. I'm a dancer, poet, writer, [and] dramatist.

John: You have a real strong interest in all of the arts?

Rohan: Yes.

Arts at White Mountain School 

John: Tell me a little bit more about your involvement with the arts here at White Mountain School, and some of the specific things that you do.

Rohan: Currently, I dance full-time as my sport. We are required to take about seven and a half hours of a sport each week. I top out at about nine hours for the week for dance. I'm a member of the Creative Edge Dance Studio. We work in tandem with The White Mountain School. All boarding students are allowed to take whatever classes they want with Creative Edge. That's what I do. I do ballet, contemporary jazz, modern tap. Creative Edge is a big part of WMS. We have our annual Nutcracker performance in December and our spring ballet recital. Yes, I'm a poet and writer. I take all the English lectures at WMS. Deeply, deeply, deeply involved and in love with poetry. That’s supported quite a bit at WMS.

Drama & Theater

John: Drama as well?

Rohan: Yes, we do have theater as a sport. That's an option. You can take theater as an elective. In the spring, I did take theater as a class for half a credit last year. I've been involved in theater since I was about 10. Got involved in it and moving to the WMS, it's nice to see that there is a nice solid base in theater at the school.

How WMS Supports the Arts 

John: Right. A lot of people might think that The White Mountain School is more focused on outdoor activities like rock climbing and skiing in the winter and things like that. It's not necessarily a private art school that specializes in art. How does The White Mountain School support your interest in the arts, including dance and drama?

Rohan: Though we are very involved in outdoors, rock climbing and skiing like you said, the way the education system is set up at WMS, students are afforded the opportunity to learn whatever they want, however they want. You find a lot of the time that my interest, in say dance, spills over into my classroom. Student-driven inquiry is what we call it. All the time what happens is, you come in, and say legally, you are required to take a science credit. Science is not my favorite subject, but I have to take it in order to graduate. How then do you make science interesting to me and applicable to my life? Because I'm not going to be a physician in the future. What WMS does, it allows you to take and pull from your own interests and place them into wherever it's necessary in your schooling. A lot of the times I would, say if I was doing physics, I would look at the physics of dance, or doing English, look at different pieces of poetry and how they have affected X, Y, Z. All the time, that's what happens at WMS.

John: Right. Even though you don't love science, maybe you're more interested in the biology and biology of the body, and movement things like that, you can find a way to work that interest that you have into all of your classes?

Rohan: Always.

How WMS Preps for College

John: Do you know what you want to study in college, and how do you think that The White Mountain School is preparing you to do that?

Rohan: I would like to get my MBA and then Bchelors in Fine Arts. I believe though WMS doesn't have their business course or business class in gaining real-world skills, and critical thinking skills, and the ability to be creative, and a lot of the time that is what businesses need. I'm looking to go into advertising and marketing. I believe what I'm learning at WMS, how to think on my feet, how to think creatively and not be afraid to think creatively and ask questions. This is preparing me for college and for what I want to study in college.

John: All right. That's really great. Excellent to talk with you, Rohan. Thank you very much. For more information, you can visit the School's website at, or call 603.444.2928.


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