The White Mountain School Awards

School Award and Prize Winners

The White Mountain School held Departmental Awards during the Community Morning Meeting on Thursday, May 19th. The following awards were presented to students who achieved high academic standing in the subjects of Outdoor Education, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Science, Sustainability, English, Mathematics, History, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Music, and World Languages. Awards were also presented to female and male identifying students who excelled in athletics. 

The following fourteen awards were presented:  

The Ethel W. Devin Prize for Excellence in English: Olivia "Liv" Panos '23

The Valpey Prize for excellence in History: Hazel Chambers '22

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Prize: Sylvie Cromer '22

The Richard J. Hayes Prize for Excellence in Mathematics: Katherine Suh '22

The Frederic L. Steele Prize for Excellence in Science: Carson Rebar '22

The Jack Cook Sustainability Prize: Claudine Aoun '22

The Alice C. Humphrey Prize for Excellence in Spanish: Ana de Oliveira '23

The Mountaineering Award: Oliver Yeomans '22

The Samuel Robinson II Community Service Award: Elena Dolige '23

Male Identifying Athletics Prize: David Gao '23

Female Identifying Athletics Prize: Leah McKean '22
The Hamish MacEwan Prize for Excellence in Art: Christine Martin '23

The Prize for Excellence in Performing Arts: Lily Seale '22

The Caroline O. McMillian '47 Music Award: Hazel Chambers '22 

As in previous years, the following six awards were presented during Commencement.


Ricky Ollerman, III accepts the Courage Prize

Ricky Ollerman accepts the Courage Prize


The Courage Prize: Richard Ollerman III '22
Presented to the student who exemplifies perseverance, citizenship, and leadership in all aspects of the School.

The Robin McQuire Pearson Award: Hazel Chambers  '22
Presented to the female-identifying student in the graduating class who has shown the greatest perseverance in her studies and life at White Mountain.

The Lt. Michael S. Pierce '82 Award: Katerina Knihova '22
Presented to the student who has achieved the most in one year at White Mountain in academics, athletics, and personal maturity.

The Bishop's Prize: Ryan Trinchet '22
Presented to the student who has the highest scholastic standing.

The Faculty Award: Sylvie Cromer '22
Presented to the student who has, in the opinion of the faculty, demonstrated excellence in both attitude and performance in scholarly and athletic endeavors.

The Head's Award: Lily Seale '22
Presented to the student who best personifies the mission of The White Mountain School.