Meet White Mountain School’s 2022-2023 Student Council

Isabel “Isa” Garcia

Student Body President

Isabel "Isa" Garcia
Hey hey! My name is Isa García, I’m from Lawrence, Massachusetts and I will be the student body President for the 22’-23’ school year. This year will be my last at White Mountain, as I am entering my senior year. I am a four-year senior here at WMS, and I’m really excited to welcome new students and faculty in the next upcoming weeks! In my role as president, I look forward to working with our administration to make sure that students and our best interests are kept in mind when making decisions regarding the school. One of my favorite things about White Mountain is that although we are a small school, there is a diverse range of perspectives and walks of life here, which is an integral part to an enriching learning environment. 

Alexis Uyi-Osagie

Vice President

Alexis Uyi-Osagie
Hi my name is Alexis Uyi-Osagie! I’m a rising Junior from Dallas, Texas. I love the tight knit community at White Mountain. You’ll always be encouraged to try the variety of things the school has to offer. I’m looking to be the voice for the students. I want to be the person they are comfortable enough with to go to with their ideas and wants! I’m excited about the upcoming school year. It’s definitely gonna be new and a big change, but I’m going into it with an excited and hopeful attitude! 

Sadie “Sade” Thomas

Social Chair

Sadie "Sade" Thomas
My name is Sadie Thomas. I go by “Sade”. I’m from Boston Massachusetts and I am a senior here at the White Mountain School. The main thing I like about WMS is the friends you make, and the bonds that you created with the faculty and staff. I am the Social Chair and one thing I am looking forward to accomplishing is making sure we have fun weekend activities and an amazing prom. The main thing I am excited about is coming back and seeing all my friends.

Yusei Usui 


Yusei Usui
Hey guys, I'm Yusei and I'm a senior from Tokyo, Japan. The culture and community here at The White Mountain School are some of my favorite aspects of the school. I adore how close everyone is, especially how teachers and students get along so well, something you hardly see at other schools. I love that there are people from all over the world, representing many racial, ethnic, and gender identities. I believe that this school's distinctive diversity is a part of its culture. As Judge, my job is to be able to protect and maintain the values and vision we have at WMS. I hope to create a system where we can be closer as a community and a place where we can all trust each other. One thing that I am excited for is seeing everyone again and also meeting new students! 

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