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Spring 2021 Alumnae/i Weekend Recap

Combined with the programming for Spring Family Weekend, the Spring 2021 Alumnae/i Weekend event spanned three days of visits to classes, guest speakers, faculty presentations, and social hours.

A Note from Our Chaplain: Hope is in the Air

Hope is in the air. Spring is here, and a new life will grow, rich with color, tradition, memory, community, and ritual remade for this time and this place. Our job now is to continue to nurture the love and life that comes after winter.

Engaging in Vigilant Self-Awareness

How do we inspire our community to actively engage in the conversations, to think critically about the inequities and injustices in this nation, and—as the powerful Dena Simmons puts it—to “engage in vigilant self-awareness”?

A Note from Our Chaplain: Slowing Down for Deeper Time

I invite you in this season of lengthening days, as the rapids and icy waters of COVID-19 stretch out before us to find ways to go deep, to find places where the water is calmer, the ice smoother. Before you know it, we will be up the river and ready to fly, and there will be a whole new world to greet.

Teaching and Assessing What Matters: Parts I &II

While schools around the country and world are exploring the opportunities and implementation of competency learning, we embrace competency learning because it provides a method to truly unlock student-driven inquiry.

A Note from Our Chaplain: Tending to Mending

In the last six months as chaplain at White Mountain, I have witnessed something that, I believe, sets this school apart—a willingness to tend to the mending, to pay attention, and respond with calm, compassion, communication, and, yes, love.

A Note from Our Chaplain: In a Time of Waiting

I invite you, whatever your tradition or your beliefs, to consider how hope, peace, joy, and love continue to show up in your lives. Light a candle or two, remember, imagine, and celebrate the promise of warmth and light that the longer days bring.
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