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At The White Mountain School, our Learning Center is designed first and foremost to help students develop the habit of seeking out and accepting academic support, which aims to help them improve their study skills and habits and, ultimately, the quality and consistency of their work. The Learning Center is fully integrated into the academic and social life of the School and is for students who can meet the academic demands of White Mountain but need additional support to address two types of learning needs: organization and study skills and/or identified learning difference(s).


Attending a boarding school in New England provides an almost endless number of opportunities for students to engage in their school community and try new things. One question that many families ask is: "Will my child miss opportunities to participate in school life because they are enrolled in the Learning Center?"

The answer is a resounding "no." Our students meet with their academic coaches during the regular class day during regularly scheduled class meeting blocks. Their Learning Center sessions do not conflict with other opportunities to take elective courses; participate in athletics or co-curriculars, clubs, or community service or leadership activities; or spend time relaxing or socializing with friends. Learning Center students enroll in the same academic course offerings as non-Learning Center students. They take a full range of courses, including honors-level, AP, Global Online Academy (GOA), and/or dual-enrollment courses, and also complete LASR projects.


Located in the academic wing of McLane—known to many students as the "Main Building"—provides for quick and easy access to the Learning Center and academic coaches during scheduled class meeting blocks. This intentional location in the primary academic thoroughfare is a great benefit to our students. It is not tucked away in a separate building; it is highly visible and approachable for students and teachers and that visibility means there is no stigma associated with stopping in for coaching appointments.

The Learning Center facility includes five classrooms and one larger "learning lab"— an open resource to all students enrolled in Learning Center services. There is ample room for small group and larger group collaboration.

Meet the Learning Center Team

At White Mountain, we take pride in having friendly, knowledgeable professionals in our Learning Center—many of whom live on campus.

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