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Program Offerings

Academic Coaching

Our Learning Center coaches—some of the most talented and highly respected faculty members at The White Mountain School—operate based on our Academic Coaching Model (ACM). The ACM aims to help students gain greater ownership over their learning through attention to the principles of:

  • Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy: We help students develop the self-awareness and self-advocacy skills that they need to flourish in high school, college, and beyond.

  • Regular Work on Daily Academic Behaviors: We work with students to help them identify and implement the daily academic behaviors that will lead them to be more effective learners.

  • Open Dialog: We believe in maintaining a transparent and open dialog between students, teachers, advisors, dorm parents, Learning Center coaches, and parents. All Learning Center students receive regular, weekly feedback from all of their teachers, which students reflect and build on with their coach. We help students establish ownership over their progress.

Ultimately, our ACM assists students with gaining confidence, strategies, and accommodations to become successful, independent, and lifelong learners while providing appropriate, individualized support for each student.

The Process

Students who enroll in the Learning Center begin by meeting three times per week with their personal academic coach in 2:1 sessions with another student. Our academic coaches develop session agendas based on the regular, weekly feedback Learning Center students receive from all of their teachers.

These weekly updates are written to the student, and they help our students take ownership of their academic work from the outset. Compiled in a singular email by the student's academic coach, this weekly feedback is sent to the student, along with their family, advisor, dorm parents, other teachers, and educational consultant(s), if applicable. This piece of the ACM provides for transparency in communication and quick feedback for all those working with Learning Center students. Additionally, weekly updates help our academic coaches develop a plan for each student's weekly sessions with them.

When students demonstrate a pattern of success at one level of the ACM, they are encouraged to move on to lesser support structures. In their time at White Mountain, a student may move from meeting with a coach three times per week in 2:1 sessions and utilizing our twice-weekly Assisted Evening Study Hall (AESH) option—where there are five students with one instructor—to only attending AESH.

Eligibility and Cost

Educational testing is required for students to receive academic coaching. Students with academic coaching services are asked for a minimum one-year commitment to the program. Academic coaches and the Learning Center director partner with students in securing testing accommodations, including extended time, separate testing, and/or assistive technology, both for White Mountain tests and for the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests.

The cost of academic coaching is $9,750 per year.

Assisted Evening Study Hall (AESH)

We believe that by offering an AESH, students benefiting from this service will be more productive than they are in their dorm rooms. We also see this option providing a valuable transition experience for seniors heading to college the next year. There is oversight from an academic coach and more opportunities to allow the student to prioritize work and allot appropriate amounts of time for completing each task.

Students meet in groups of five with an academic coach two nights per week during AESH, which typically takes place over two hours from 7:30-9:00 p.m., coinciding with regular Evening Study Hall hours. Weekly reports are sent home as part of this service.

Eligibility and Cost

Educational testing is not required; however, any student with educational testing must submit documentation in order to secure testing accommodations, including extended time, separate testing, and/or assistive technology. The Learning Center also coordinates the application process for securing these and other accommodations for the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests.

The cost of Evening Assisted Study Hall is $2,500 per semester or $5,000 per year.