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International Student Program

At The White Mountain School, all students know each other and learn from one another. Our close-knit community is a tremendous advantage for international students because they regularly work with domestic and other international students from varied cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Together, students learn, play, and volunteer in all settings: dorms, athletics and co-curriculars, Field Courses, and in all non-ESL (English as a Second Language) classes.

The personal, caring, and committed relationships that faculty have with students makes White Mountain unique. We are intentionally small, allowing us to maximize this level of care and connection. Our international student coordinator helps faculty, staff, and students understand how to meet our international student population’s needs.

"My most valuable takeaway from being an international student at White Mountain was that the School taught me the real meaning of serving your community. I developed lifelong friendships and fundamental life values—the ultimate goals of the School. As an international student, White Mountain helped me understand the real meaning of diversity, and as a student, the School prepared me well for academic studies in college. Without White Mountain, I would not have gone this far."

–Derek Li ’17

Program Offerings

In addition to ESL support, White Mountain provides the following for all international students.

All new international students arrive on campus four days before the rest of the students to acclimate and prepare for the beginning of the year. The international student coordinator leads these orientation days with help from returning international and domestic students. As part of the orientation, all new international students become familiar with the campus, classroom expectations, faculty, School rules, and the local area. New international students are also given the opportunity to open bank accounts, purchase cell phones, buy necessities, register for classes, and more during this orientation.

All ESL students are matched with a domestic student volunteer who aids in conversation practice and offers support.

White Mountain allows international students to stay on campus during our two shorter breaks. During these short breaks, they are given the opportunity to enjoy the local area and fantastic landscapes nearby. We also arrange homestays for first-year international students for longer breaks.

White Mountain has an experienced college counselor who is aware of college-bound international students’ needs and is trained in helping international/ESL students through the college application, selection, and financial aid processes.

The School has had an active Cultural Events Series for over 30 years, which brings performers from around the globe to campus to share their music and stories. Additionally, White Mountain has regular Community Dinners emphasizing authentic international cuisine. In February, we celebrate International Night, a festival of all the cultures on campus and a true opportunity for all international students to share their traditional food, music, or talents. International students are also encouraged to share their country's music and literature at campus coffee houses alongside their domestic peers.

White Mountain has trained admission officers who facilitate the application process for international/ESL candidates, explain the application procedure, coordinate academic-year immigration/visa documents, guide accepted students through the visa application process, and respond to visa application problems. For more information and helpful hints on studying in the U.S., visit

The White Mountain School is committed to an admission policy that does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, creed, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, or physical ability or disability status. We seek to provide opportunities and experience for all students on an equal basis.