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About Allison


Nova Scotia, Canada


  • B.A., University of New Hampshire
  • M.A., University of New Hampshire

Why White Mountain?

Overarchingly, I love working at and being a part of The White Mountain School because of the unwavering and passionate focus and commitment on students and the authenticity that seamlessly permeates throughout our student and faculty culture.

What influenced your passion for teaching?

I have been passionate about and grateful for the boarding school experience since I began my sophomore year at Berkshire School (Sheffield, MA). The experience opened my eyes to a world of opportunities and has continued to nurture, support, and empower me well beyond my high school and college years. Since then, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in boarding schools. The White Mountain School not only satisfies my desire to be a part of an incredible community, but the uniqueness of our school provides me with the privilege of living among students and colleagues who constantly inspire me to think bigger, ask questions, and most importantly, to be the most authentic version of myself.

When Not in My Office, I Can Be Found:

Running on the track in St. Johnsbury or enjoying the incredible Crispy Broccoli at Beal House Inn in Littleton, NH.

Not Many People Know That:

My real name is actually Mary, but I go by Allison for short...