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About Becky


Alexandria, NH


B.A., The University of New Hampshire

Why White Mountain?

The community: The White Mountain School draws the most courageous, committed, and caring adults and young people, and it is a consistent honor and joy to be part of such an amazing group of people. I am constantly inspired to be a better teacher and a better person by the people around me, whether they are adults or students.

What influenced your passion for teaching?

Knowing that when I go to work every morning, I am helping a young person learn and grow. What a wonderful way to spend one’s life!

What excites you the most about teaching at WMS?

I believe White Mountain really puts students first, and being able to be part of a team with that kind of values and dedication is incredibly inspiring.

When not in the classroom I can be found:

Running around the five-mile loop.

Favorite tradition at WMS?

I absolutely love Community Weekend in the fall. It is such a fun and healthy way to kick off the school year, playing games and just being silly together. Barriers come down when you are playing crab soccer or whipping down a giant slip and slide. I also love Beach Day in the spring because it bookends the year, bringing closure with a day of community celebration at Echo Lake Beach.

Favorite place on campus?

The Lovejoy Chapel during Morning Meeting. I love to sit and listen to the philosophical reflections of students and faculty while watching the sunlight stream into the windows or watching the first fall leaves begin to fall.

Favorite season?

I love the spring when the weather warms and everyone once again starts spending time outside. The frisbees and lacrosse balls start flying and guitar music once again rings out from Hoods Hill.