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About Christian

As a humanities teacher here at White Mountain, I teach a lot of English and history courses. These courses, aside from building a foundational knowledge of our human context, challenge our ethnocentric perspectives. In other words, our past and present are not just a complete picture of America but rather a piece within a global puzzle. I also coach gym/indoor climbing in the fall and whitewater kayaking in the spring.

My first job was washing golf clubs at a local course. I went to St. Lawrence, spent my first winter break as a grocery checker/bagger, then spent the next three summers raft guiding on the Hudson River Gorge when not studying. Ask me about the "gnar gnar" and the "Chronicles of Gnarnia."

On campus, you can find me reading out on the grass or playing basic guitar chords in my Solar apartment.


  • Hailey, Idaho
  • The Adirondacks, New York


B.A., English and History combined with Multi-language (with a Minor in Caribbean and Latin-American Studies), St. Lawrence University


My dad, a retired elementary and high school PE teacher, and mom, a patient and loving 2nd-grade teacher.

My favorite tradition is Morning Meeting; what a great way to start the day!

Fall... the New England foliage...

I have driven in/been to 46 U.S. states (as of now I am missing the Dakotas, Alaska, and Florida).