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About Eben


Camden, Maine


B.A. Biochemistry, Bowdoin College

My primary roles at White Mountain:

Acting Director of Student Life, Science Faculty, Mountain Bike & Cycling Coach

Why White Mountain?

A close-knit community, based in the awesome White Mountains!

What do you value most about the White Mountain community?

Our small size facilitates powerful relationships between students and adults, many of which are carried on for a lifetime.

When not in the classroom I can be found:

Skiing in the White Mountains, on a bike, or spending time with my wife and our two dogs (and more often than not, a combination of those things).

Favorite tradition at White Mountain?

Mountain Day! Appreciating our place in nature and getting outside to ski...what could be better?

Favorite place on campus?

The campus trails. We are fortunate to have such an awesome network of trails right in our backyard. Every season presents a new and beautiful way to navigate the trails and slow down the clock for a bit.