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About Frances

As an Academic Coach in White Mountain's Learning Center, Frances takes immense joy in working with students to reach their fullest potential. She also serves as an advisor and a hiking coach.

"In my roles, I get the chance to brush up on my high school knowledge and vernacular and what constitutes food being 'bussin,'" says Frances. "One could say that I have 'peaked' in my role as a coach for the Hiking Team. I could not have dreamed up a more ideal situation!"

In her spare time, Frances enjoys journaling, painting, cooking, running, pen-pal-ing, and participating in "a plethora of other grandmotherly activities."


  • Lexington, Massachusetts
  • Brookline, Massachusetts


B.A., Sociology and English (with a Minor in Education), Bates College


I chose to come to White Mountain because of its commitment to compassion, community, and curiosity. I am inspired by the ways in which the School "walks the talk" and truly supports the integration of body, mind, and spirit for our students and faculty alike. It also certainly doesn't hurt that White Mountain is located in one of my favorite places in the entire world.

My favorite part of working at White Mountain is the ability to work with students in so many different capacities. I love that I get to watch my students solve a problem in the classroom, push through challenging terrain on local hikes, and share intentional conversation over meals and time in dorms.

Often when I tell people I am a teacher or meet fellow educators, the response is this: what an amazing way to spend a lifetime. I could not agree more. During a time when our world feels increasingly divided, and the speed of life often feels overwhelming, teaching, especially in the boarding school setting, allows us to slow down, have intentional conversations, inquire about important questions, and build nourishing support systems.

The Farm.

Definitely the Fall. No questions asked.

Local farm stands that sell fresh cider donuts, pick-your-own flowers, or coolers of eggs. There are so many hidden gems!

I used to ride to school on a unicycle and have 10 pen-pals who I correspond with regularly (cursive handwriting for life!)