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About James

As Dean of Students at White Mountain, I help students navigate school life as they integrate academics, sports, co-curricular activities, and their vital social connections as part of an intentionally small community dedicated to curiosity, courage, and compassion. I work closely with teachers, advisors, coaches, and dorm teams to ensure that students are fully and joyfully engaged in these different aspects of school experiences. Finally, I serve as another person at WMS for parents to contact if they wish to learn more about their children's progress at school. I began my teaching career in Tainan, Taiwan, where I lived for seven years, eventually opening a language school that encouraged inquiry-learning. I moved to Phuket, Thailand to work at an international school, where I taught literature and writing, as well as coaching soccer. I became the Head of Secondary School there, working with new teachers to understand the international system, as well as helping students flourish in their school experiences, and also served as a key faculty member for parent communication and community outreach. I joined with my wife to direct a small international school during our last few years in Phuket, providing a holistic education for young children, a school that proudly continues to shine despite pandemic challenges in Phuket. After twenty years based in Asia, we repatriated to Rhode Island, serving as full-time caregivers for my father, an incredibly rewarding year. My wife, Christine, is a fantastic artist and a wonderful partner in life. We enjoy creating and experiencing various forms of art. We like to wander in forests, on beaches, through cities, experiencing the beauty of life and helping to shape our shared communities. Our dog, Chupa, stands as a king among all beings.


Bethlehem, NH (as of 2022)


  • Ph.D., Educational Policy, Organization, and Leadership, University of Illinois (UIUC)
  • M.Ed., Global Studies in Education, University of Illinois (UIUC)
  • B.A., English/Creative Writing, Bates College


Turn thine eyes to the mountains! When I came and visited the school, met some students, and talked with teachers, I knew this was where I wanted to be.
It is the WHOLE thing. No single part exists without the others.
The great teachers of my schooling inspired me to begin teaching. The great students I have met along the way keep me teaching.
Hard to say.
That pond is special. I fell in love with it one dawn.
I love each season for its own reason. Really.
This school. These mountains.
Well, then it won't be a surprise anymore.