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Pyper Williams


Dalton, NH


  • Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and English Literature from Antioch University
  • Associate of Occupational Studies in Acting from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts


I am an alum, I started here in 2014 and I graduate in 2018. I have such a connection to this place and the people here, I feel strongly about the content being taught and the settings in which we teach it. It has changed my life and I want to see this place positively impact others like it did me. 
I had two former teachers at White Mountain who shaped me into who I am today. They both taught English, which I later ended up studying in college. They changed my life, both personally and academically. I want to be able to do what they did for me, to be that voice and ear for more young people.
I am most excited to see kids find what they are passionate about. When you're in high school, perhaps you still need time figuring that out. I am excited to watch those transitions and hopefully be a positive part of that as well. 
I can be found walking my dog, Pepper, in the theater, reading a book outside, rock climbing or hiking!
My favorite tradition is probably the time around Graduation. Seems obvious, I know, but there is so much going on during that time, everyone is happy, summer is creeping in, and it just feels very light and happy. 
I love the dining hall. I think that the building is so beautiful, so old and holds so much character. I love the windows and how they light up the entire room, all the light wood of the floors and the chairs. I always really loved that place.
Summer! I don't love the heat, but I love to swim in the river, and the days are long.