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About Elise

I am a teacher in the Humanities department specializing in writing and literature. I'm on the Carriage-Green dorm team. I'm excited to volunteer my time at the campus farm, clean up some trails, and try out cross country skiing for the first time. Before joining WMS, I taught an introductory writing course at the University of New Hampshire. That teaching was in conjunction with a masters program. I am finishing my Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative writing (nonfiction); my thesis focuses on eco-anxiety caused by the current anthropogenic climate crisis. Before moving to NH I called North Carolina home. In NC I worked with young authors to develop their voices, and stories, to publicly address issues of social justice. Additionally, I wrote grants and supported various nonprofits in my hometown of Winston-Salem. In my free time I've always hiked, drank coffee and for the past 7 years, hung out with my dog, Sadie.


Winston-Salem, NC


  • M.F.A., Creative Writing
  • University of New Hampshire (Spring 2023) B.A.
  • English Literature, Wake Forest University


I chose the White Mountain School because the school's core values align with my pedagogical, ethical and personal values: a diverse community that values each member; student-driven inquiry as the foundation for curriculum; and a dedication to respect and protect the natural world through sustainable practices.
Conversations. Each time we speak to someone we are presented with an opportunity to learn, and also teach. My whole life I have cultivated relationships that value those kinds of conversations; as a result I identify as a lifelong learner. What I came to realize from continually learning is that I also am a teacher. I acted on that epiphany and began guiding young people to use their voice for issues of social justice through creative writing in a program called Authoring Action. I knew I loved teaching once I combined the teacher and the learner within myself.
Morning meeting presentations! I believe that sharing knowledge, experiences and stories is integral to cultivating a learning community.
The trails. In a way, that means my favorite place on campus is actually many places. Each time I enter the woods on campus I feel grateful for the spaces that trails make accessible, and that the White Mountain School invests in a trail system.
Such a tough question! I'm a fan of the transitional seasons: spring and fall. Every day brings a new botanical discovery: deeper colors, or budding flowers.
I am a Counter Culture certified barista. Give me a nice espresso machine and I can show you some latte art!