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About Jenny


Lancaster, NH


  • WMS ‘88
  • Wheaton College, BA, ‘93

My primary roles at White Mountain:

International Student Coordinator, ELL, and Spanish Instructor

Why White Mountain?

It’s like coming home!

What influenced your passion for teaching?

My teachers at WMS, especially Jonathan Meisel, and the chance to share in young people’s excitement and passion for life.

When not in the classroom I can be found:

Cooking and reading with my family, making plans for our next trip abroad.

Favorite tradition at WMS?

Mountain Day! I love seeing how the anticipation and enthusiasm are just as alive now as when I was a student.

Favorite place on campus?

Varies from season to season, year to year- right now I am loving the breadth of the view when you come out onto Edge Field from the woods

Favorite season?

Summer and the opportunity it provides to travel!

Favorite White Mountain teaching moment?

There are actually quite a few- watching my ELL students present with aplomb and confidence to classes at Bethlehem Elementary, seeing my Spanish IV students handle arguments and rebuttals in spirited debates exclusively in Spanish, and the day a student wrote me a note saying I made her proud to be Dominican.