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About Leah


Easton, MA


  • B.A. in Social Anthropology from Harvard
  • M.A. in Spanish from Middlebury

My primary roles at White Mountain:

World Language Department Chair, Spanish Teacher, Climbing Coach, Dorm Head in Carter

Why White Mountain?

There is so much I love about WMS, but my two favorite aspects are the small community and the spirit of experiential education that runs through both the academic and non-academic programming. I love that I can truly know every student even if I don’t teach or coach them directly. I also believe that the size of the school allows everyone to truly be themselves, no one person can only wear one hat, we are too small of a community for that and as a result we are able to celebrate all aspects of everyone’s interests and personality.

By far my two favorite weeks of school each year are Field Course, the depth of learning that happens during those weeks is incredible. I can’t imagine not having the opportunity to live and learn alongside students in that way each year.

When not in the classroom I can be found:

Training for a triathlon or working on my latest craft project, which is most likely knitted.

Favorite tradition at WMS?

I love community weekend, it is so fun to start the year by playing together as a community.

Favorite White Mountain teaching moment?

My favorite teaching moment was on Fall Field Course in 2017. The course was Julia Crocker’s LASR project and we had worked together for over 9 months to make the course a reality. One afternoon on the course we were meeting with Sue AnderBois, Director of Food Strategy for the state of Rhode Island, she turned to me to ask what we would like to hear her talk about and I was able to turn it over to Julia, who spoke confidently and eloquently about what it was that she was hoping the group would learn during our time with Ms. AnderBois. For me, this moment represented Julia’s growth as a leader as well as the depth of research and hard work she had put into planning the course for her peers. It is a pleasure to help facilitate those type of learning experiences for students.

Favorite season?

I love the fall. I wake up every morning excited to see how nature has changed its palette overnight.