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About Rebecca


I was born in Bellingham, Washington, and grew up in Seattle and Portland. I've moved around fairly regularly for work, so let's just say that Littleton is my new hometown!


  • Wellesley College
  • University of Chicago
  • Columbia University


Why White Mountain?

I've worked at many different types of independent schools and colleges. My favorite is the small, non-traditional boarding school.

What influenced your passion for teaching?

It was pure serendipity! I was in a PhD program in Chinese language at the University of Chicago and was not finding my passion there. I had just started dating my future husband and he had many friends in the teacher-training program. They were all so excited and energized by what they were doing that I made the change to the Department of Education and haven't looked back. I am fueled by the energy of my students and the endless possibilities for continued growth and development that exists in the classroom (for both students and teachers).

What do you value most about the White Mountain community?

I love the fact that the WMS community allows its members to be individuals. So many traditional schools demand that students fit into a particular mold to be successful. We ask students to be themselves and to be accepting of who everyone is. What a wonderful model for life!

When not in the classroom I can be found:

Walking my dogs on the paths through the woods, reading, playing games, cooking and quilting.

Favorite place on campus?

If you take the Edge Trail through the woods you will come out onto Edge Field. The view of the field, Bethlehem, and the White Mountains is absolutely stunning in any weather or any season.

What I want to be when I grow up:

I don't ever want to grow up. Life is never finished. I'm always exploring what I want to learn or to do next. I can't imagine anything worse than "arriving." - It is the journey that is exciting, not the destination.