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Student Life Overview and Team

More Than a Boarding School: White Mountain is Home

Student life is the heart of the student experience at White Mountain, bringing together the people, places, and programs that support student growth and wellness. Our tight-knit community and small size provide students with hands-on experiences, thoughtful guidance, and empowerment throughout their educational journeys, ultimately preparing them with the skills and strategies they need for success in college and beyond.

Uniquely White Mountain

Morning Meeting, Orientation, Community Weekend; talk to any student or adult about their favorite parts of life at White Mountain, and one or more of these are sure to come up. In addition to our major Student Life initiatives—which you can learn more about on the sidebar—White Mountain has several one- and multi-day along with yearlong traditions unique to our community. These “Uniquely White Mountain” aspects of Student Life at the School are designed to build bonds and create some of the year’s most memorable moments.

A student presenting at Morning Meeting in the chapel.

A staple of progressive education, Morning Meetings are how we start our day three weekdays a week. We come together as a community and most often listen to a morning reading given by a faculty or staff member, student, or club, ranging from serious to silly. Other times, a live performance or interactive and engaging group activity might be the focus of Morning Meeting. Typically, Morning Meeting takes place in Lovejoy Chapel, but during warm weather may be held outdoors in the Ruhl Family Amphitheater.

A student whitewater kayaking.

After move-in but before the semester begins, students and faculty spend three days working and playing together across New Hampshire's North Country. Whether through backpacking, canoeing, day hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, or community service, Orientation Trips are a way for new students to establish lifelong friendships and returning students to reaffirm existing bonds and welcome new students into the community.

Students placing painted Dark and Light Blue handprints on an all-School banner.

Community Weekend occurs during the first weekend of the school year. We play games and have activities planned for all interests and energy levels. Points are awarded to one of our two teams, Dark Blue or Light Blue, for performance and participation. Both students and adults are randomly assigned to a team, which they remain on for their time at White Mountain and as alumnae/i.

The Dark Blue vs. Light Blue school-wide annual competition continues throughout the year with impromptu competitions and ways to earn points, such as which team collects the most litter and brush during a campus cleanup. At the end of the year, the team with the most points wins! Though many give their all to help their team get ahead throughout the year, at the end of the day, our team-based activities are ways to bring us closer together as one team, one school.

Students and adults racing into the water for a canoe race on Beach Day.

Mountain Day and Beach Day are Head's Holidays. One morning in the winter and one in the spring, students will wake up to a surprise—no classes today! We're heading to Jay Peak or Echo Lake Beach. Head's Holidays are a time for the community to come together for fun and relaxation over friendly solo or team competitions, hot cocoa in the winter, or a picnic in the spring.

A group of students protesting for awareness about the climate crisis.

The White Mountain School is a long-time leader of the green schools movement. As the first high school in the country to have a dedicated Sustainability Studies Department, we believe it is essential that students learn not just about the theory of sustainability but also how to take action within their own lives and the community in which they live.

Sustainable Community Day brings us all together to learn about the impact of our actions. Students participate in workshops throughout the day to learn sustainable practices.

Student Life Leadership Team

At White Mountain, we take pride in having friendly, knowledgeable professionals on our student life leadership team—many of whom live on campus. From questions about what to bring with you to campus or how to try a new sport to applying for a student leadership position or getting your annual flu shot, our team is here to help you or your student with any questions or concerns!