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Clubs and Other Activities

Get Inspired, Get Involved

The White Mountain School supports a dynamic life of activities and opportunities for engagement outside the classroom. Beyond sports—which have structured time built into students' schedules several times a week—students can join any number of clubs or be engaged with activities in areas of interest to them.

Formal clubs may meet weekly or monthly during lunch or at other times during the day. White Mountain's clubs include recreational offerings like Climbing Club and Board Game Club, project-oriented offerings like Yearbook and Photography Club, and mission-oriented offerings like Queer Club, the Social Justice Warriors, Prayer Group, and Sustainability Club. We even have a Thrash Club and Kedama & Pink Floyd Club! More individually-oriented activities like working in the woodshop or art or music studios can be done on weeknights and weekends as students have free time.

A Cappella

Art Club

Astronomy Club

Board Game Club

Chess Club

China Care

Citizens of the World

Citizenship Committee

Climbing Club

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

Electronics Club

Film Club

Indoor Soccer Club

Ink and Paper (Literary and Arts Magazine)

International Student Mentors

Kedama & Pink Floyd Club

Listening Club

National Honor Society (Learn More)

Photography Club

Prayer Group

Queer Club

Running Club

Skate Club

Social Committee

Social Justice Warriors

Step Club

Student Council

Sustainability Club

Sustainability Club

The Pendulum (Yearbook)

Theater Club

Thrash Club

Ultimate Frisbee

Have a great idea or an interest in something not already offered? In recent years we have had a number of new successfully launched and run student clubs and organizations. White Mountain is a great place to follow your passions and encourage others to join you.

EJB Groups and Opportunities

From Affinity Groups and spaces to chances to participate in clubs, conferences, and leadership positions, we offer a number of equity, justice, and belonging (EJB)-focused groups and opportunities for students. Students have also taken it upon themselves to lead difficult but important conversations on EJB-related topics. 

What to Do on the Weekend?

When the weekend comes along, boarding and day students alike participate in an amazing variety of recurrent or one-time activities planned for all students by different students, faculty, staff, and administrators each weekend. Activities may be on- or off-campus and are another regular opportunity for students to get to know each other and adults better outside of the classroom.

On-campus events may include things like sport, e-sport (video game), or board game tournaments, rail jams on the terrain park put up on Hood's Hill in the winter, baking in faculty kitchens, themed dance parties, seasonal activities like carving pumpkins for Halloween or making winter-themed decorations for the holidays, murder mystery role-playing events, and more!

Off-campus events may include simple excursions to the movies, shopping at the grocery store, or to get takeout from a local restaurant or cafe, all the way to day- or weekend-long trips to go whitewater rafting, hiking, skiing, mountain bike riding, or to visit bigger cities like St. Johnsbury in Vermont, Concord in New Hampshire, or even Boston or Montreal!

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