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Health, Wellness, and Support

A Holistic Emphasis on Health and Wellness

White Mountain values a healthy, vibrant, and well-rounded experience. This is truly all-encompassing and includes students’ academic, social, emotional, athletic, spiritual, and physical health and wellness. Recognizing that all students benefit from support in some of these areas, White Mountain has a comprehensive system designed to meet students where they are while at the same time challenging them to grow and to thrive in all areas.

Faculty, staff, coaches, and student leaders alike are all committed to modeling healthy lives and habits for all students. Faculty, especially advisors, maintain a close relationship with students so that if additional support is needed, it can be engaged quickly. In addition to the support offered simply by being a student in a remarkable small community like White Mountain, students can also receive specialized support from our team members in Health Services, the Student Assistance Program (SAP), the Learning Center, or our chaplain.

Health Services

At the heart of our student support network is our Health Services staff, who are committed to ensuring the physical health and wellness of all White Mountain School students. The director of Health Services is a registered nurse and is equipped to provide comprehensive health care for all our students. Services include:

  • Medication administration and management.

  • Triage of ill and injured students.

  • Referral and transportation coordination for X-rays, laboratory work, physical therapy, or other off-campus medical needs.

  • Behavioral and emotional assessments.

  • Counseling and treatment referrals.

  • Annual flu clinic.

  • Three-bed day infirmary.

  • COVID-19 testing, quarantining, and other related support.

Other Programs

The SAP supports our health and wellness framework by addressing students’ socioemotional needs with two full-time counselors available for easy, confidential access by students. Like Health Services, the SAP helps facilitate connections between students and external counselors or professionals, whom students can meet with in Health Services, if local, or virtually. Our director of Health Services and chaplain also participate as members of the SAP team and meet weekly to monitor and support student learning, health, and personal wellness.

For students' benefit and convenience, the School provides on-campus access to private counselors, including a psychiatrist, who meets with individual students for appointments on campus and/or via telehealth. It is the responsibility of families to make arrangements for private counseling with individual service providers. Questions, arrangements, and initial contact with private counselors should be made through the director of the SAP or the director of Health Services.

Academic coaches in White Mountain’s Learning Center work with students to address two types of learning needs: organization and study skills and/or identified learning difference(s). They assist students with gaining confidence, strategies, and accommodations to become successful independent learners.

As an Episcopal school originally founded under The Episcopal Church of New Hampshire, White Mountain honors and celebrates the unique worth of each individual. We welcome students of all faiths, and part of the chaplain’s role is to encourage them to grow in their own understanding of spirituality. In addition to attending to the community’s spiritual and religious needs, the chaplain is part of the SAP team and is an integral partner in the School’s work related to equity, justice, and belonging (EJB).

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