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Shared Boarding and Day Experiences

Other than some differences outlined below, the differences between the boarding and day student experiences at White Mountain are small. Schoolwide, both groups of students have the same access to our academic and student life programs, experiences, and resources, as well as all on-campus facilities except for dormitories.

On a day-to-day basis, both boarding and day students have access to the Dining Hall, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is available for drinks and light snacks all day. Boarding students also have the option of having a mini-refrigerator in their room for convenient access to snacks. Day students are provided with lockers where they can keep non-perishable snacks along with other supplies or gear they want quick and regular access to. The use of printers in all academic buildings is free for all students.

There are a few items boarding and day students alike should always have available for classes at White Mountain. Learn more on our Supplies and Packing Lists page on the sidebar.

Weekend Activities

When the weekend comes along, boarding and day students alike participate in an amazing variety of recurrent or one-time activities planned for all students by different students, faculty, staff, and administrators each weekend. Activities may be on- or off-campus and are another regular opportunity for students to get to know each other and adults better outside of the classroom.

On-campus events may include things like sport, e-sport (video game), or board game tournaments, rail jams on the terrain park put up on Hood's Hill in the winter, baking in faculty kitchens, themed dance parties, seasonal activities like carving pumpkins for Halloween or making winter-themed decorations for the holidays, murder mystery role-playing events, and more!

Off-campus events may include simple excursions to the movies, shopping at the grocery store, or to get takeout from a local restaurant or cafe, all the way to day- or weekend-long trips to go whitewater rafting, hiking, skiing, mountain bike riding, or to visit bigger cities like St. Johnsbury in Vermont, Concord in New Hampshire, or even Boston or Montreal!

Boarding Students

Living intentionally in a small, supportive community allows boarding students to truly feel like White Mountain is a home away from home. Boarding students live in one of four dorms—Burroughs, Carter, Hill House, or the New Dorm—with their peers, faculty members, and faculty families. Faculty doors are very often open, and their apartments can feel like an extension of the dorm. This accessibility is one of the hallmarks of what makes the White Mountain community special.

Evening study hall provides a quiet time for students to do their homework. After study hall is often when dorm jobs are completed, rooms cleaned, and dorms may have meetings. Students may also hang out in the student lounge or use the fitness center before check-in.

Day Students

Being a day student—a student who lives locally—is a pretty unique opportunity for local residents to participate in a high-quality, independent school experience while living at home. Day students comprise approximately 20% of our student body and hail from many towns in northern New Hampshire and Vermont. New Hampshire towns include Bethlehem, Franconia, Littleton, Easton, Lincoln, and Whitefield. Vermont towns include Danville, East Haven, Lyndonville, St. Johnsbury, Waterbury, and Waterford.

Known affectionately as “boarders without beds,” day students are welcome to be as active in the school community as our boarders are. Despite returning home at the end of their school day, they still benefit from the fact that almost all White Mountain faculty members reside on campus and are always around and available for extra help, extracurricular activities, and advising.

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