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Supplies and Packing Lists

Supplies for All Students

White Mountain faculty are very flexible about what students use in their classes. If an individual teacher wants students to have something specific for the classes, it will be ordered by the School. However, there are a few items boarding and day students alike should always have available: 

  • A laptop.

  • Something to write notes or sketches in, such as a laptop, tablet, or traditional paper notebook.

  • Something to write with.

  • Several folders to store important papers in, even if the student relies primarily on a computer.

  • A graphing calculator of the TI-84 variety. Students will use this throughout their career at White Mountain.

Please note that the use of printers in all academic buildings is free for all students.

What to Bring for Boarders*

Dorm rooms are furnished with the following for each student:

  • An extra-long, twin size bed.

  • A dresser (or drawers below the bed).

  • A wardrobe with hanging space and three drawers or a closet.

  • A desk and a desk chair.

Additionally, every dorm has a laundry facility. Use of the washing machines and dryers is free of charge. Professional laundry services are also available from our partners at E&R Cleaners.

  • Pillow(s).

  • Twin extra-long sheets and blankets or a bedspread.

  • Desk lamp (no halogen light bulbs, please).

  • Power strip with a built-in surge protector.

  • Electronics chargers.

  • Towels and washcloths.

  • Shower caddy and shower shoes or flip-flops.

  • Toiletries.

  • Laundry supplies (detergent, bleach, softener, dryer sheets, stain removal or sticks) and basket or bag.

  • Umbrella and/or raincoat.

  • Clothes and footwear.

  • Outdoor apparel and equipment (see our list of Essential Outdoor Gear).

  • Clothes hangers.

  • Backpack.
  • Rug.

  • Refrigerator.

  • Mattress pad.

  • Bulletin board or dry-erase board.

  • Decorations, photographs, and posters.

  • String lights.

  • Alarm clock.

  • Removable adhesive strips and/or hooks.

  • Hanging closet organizer.

  • Travel mug, microwave-safe dishes, utensils.

  • Dish soap.

  • Paper towels.

  • Fan.

  • Hairdryer.

  • In-room printer, ink cartridges, paper.
    • Again, the use of printers in all academic buildings is free for all students.

  • Skis, snowboard, bike, or other personal sports equipment, and/or outdoor gear.
  • Air purifiers, air conditioners, or space heaters.

  • Televisions of any size or computer monitors over 32 inches.

  • Personal cooking appliances that generate heat, such as microwaves, electric coffee-makers or tea kettles, toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, rice cookers, stoves, etc.

  • Candles, lighters, matches, or any other item that produces a flame.

  • Pets and animals, except for service animals for those with a documented disability.

  • Any items, including decorations and clothing, that reference alcohol, drugs, tobacco, violence, or sexual themes.

  • Weapons, firearms, ballistic and explosive devices, knives, etc.