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Planned Giving: The Bishop Niles Legacy Society

Legacy or planned giving is one of the primary ways to bolster the The White Mountain School's endowment. A well-funded endowment plays a critical role in enabling White Mountain to meet its diverse needs, including keeping tuition affordable, faculty compensation competitive, and our campus safe, well-maintained, and well-equipped. We invite you to join others in The Bishop Niles Legacy Society who have chosen to provide for the School's future by making a planned gift, thus sustaining our long history of educational excellence.

A vintage photograph of Bishop Niles.About Our Founder, Bishop Niles

In 1886, The Rt. Rev. William Woodruff Niles, third bishop of the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire and an avid supporter of education, founded St. Mary's School for girls in Concord, New Hampshire. Believing that young women deserved an education equal to that of young men, Bishop Niles secured the funding necessary to open St. Mary's and sent his two daughters to the School soon after that. Our School—as St. Mary's School, St. Mary's-in-the-Mountains, and today as White Mountain—has remained a diocesan school since its founding.

Our legacy giving society was named after Bishop Niles to honor his vision and hard work on behalf of our School. The Bishop Niles Legacy Society recognizes those who provide vital resources to ensure the School’s long-term health and wellbeing by including it in their estate plan. These alumnae/i, parents, neighbors, and friends of White Mountain take this step to have an enduring impact on the School they cherish.

Have you already included White Mountain in your estate plans or want to learn how to do so? Please contact Scott Hunt at [email protected] or 603.444.2928 x249.

Planning Your Legacy Gift

Over the years, alumnae/i, parents, neighbors, and friends of the School have generously supported its mission in various ways, including: bequests, charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance policies, and retirement plans. Planned gifts to White Mountain enable you to make a lasting contribution to the school you love–a contribution that will have a significant impact even beyond your lifetime.

Recognizing and Appreciating Your Legacy Gift

If you intend to make a legacy gift to the School, we hope you will let us know. Informing us of your testamentary intentions helps us plan for the future of White Mountain accordingly. But more importantly, it allows us to recognize you and thank you for your generosity by making you a member of The Bishop Niles Legacy Society. After joining, you will be listed as a member each year in our Annual Report, anonymously if you wish.

We appreciate that a legacy gift to a charitable institution such as White Mountain is an expression of your strongest convictions and that such a commitment is deeply significant to you. Therefore, we would like the opportunity to express our sincere gratitude. But we can’t thank you if we don’t know who you are! No legacy gift is too modest to be important to the School. Beyond thanking you for your generosity, we hope that by recognizing you—and, thus, increasing the visibility of The Bishop Niles Legacy Society—your gift will be an inspiration to other members of the School community. The cumulative impact of a wide range of legacy gifts helps to ensure the long-term future of White Mountain.

Disclaimer: Any information concerning giving options or their tax benefits on this web page, website, or elsewhere provided by The White Mountain School is of a general educational nature only and does not constitute, or substitute for, legal or financial advice. Please seek competent legal or financial advice regarding how any gift to the School might affect your personal situation(s).

"I am confident that The White Mountain School has an educational mission worthy of my support. The Charitable Remainder Trust that I have established is a way for me to say 'thank you' to my alma mater and ensure support for future students even after I'm gone."

–Mary Van Vleck '58

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