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Impact of Giving

White Mountain Gives!

Research shows that students learn best when pursuing answers to questions they truly hold. Before graduation, every student completes a LASR Project, a major student-driven inquiry project. During their education at The White Mountain School, they develop the Essential Skills and Habits necessary for success here and in college. By helping students develop their curiosity, we counteract the broader cultural norm of cynicism. And by helping students see that learning is about inquiry, we counteract the broader view that learning is memorization.

White Mountain fosters a culture of engagement, not observation. Students actively engage in their classrooms, on the sports fields, and in community life. We are a school of inquiry and engagement, and this is a gift to our students because we help them develop the curiosity, courage, and compassion to build lives of meaning and purpose.


"Through support of WMS, I matter in the lives of wonderful young people. Generations of St. Mary's alumnae did the same for me. Now it's my turn to 'pay it forward.'"

–Stefanie Valar '72

"The White Mountain School gave our son the opportunity to thrive in college and the confidence to pursue his goals. That's why we give back."

–Robert & Laura Slaney P'12