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About Tobin

Tobin works in a dual role in both the Student Assistance Program (SAP) and as a Learning Center coach. He also coaches cross country, track and field, and tutors in STEM subjects.

After graduating from Montana State University, he worked as an admissions counselor and a coach of the university's D1 track and field program. He later taught math and science and was a mentor at Tilden Preparatory in Albany, California, where he discovered his love of uplifting youth.

Tobin lives in Bethlehem and was drawn to the area by its beauty and outdoor opportunities. He says he loves to go fly fishing, skiing, walking the dog on trails and on hikes, camping, and anything else outdoors in his spare time. He also loves talking about, watching, and playing sports.


Hayward, California


B.S., Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Montana State University


The opportunity of working with students in an outdoor setting.

Teaching the students the importance of thinking for yourself and helping them to learn self-advocacy.

Orientation Trips.


The White Mountains because they are stunning and offer many outdoor activities.


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