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Structure of the Program and Offerings

Through The White Mountain Scholars Program, students have unique access to a variety of resources and experiences at the School geared toward empowerment and guiding scholars toward unlocking their unique and compelling potential.

Students in the program and their families are invited to arrive on-campus a few days before the general student population and participate in a program-specific orientation each fall. For new students, in particular—some of whom may face a unique set of obstacles in the initial transition to a predominantly white boarding school environment and region—early arrival is designed to support a successful transition into the community.

Early arrival for first-time scholars and their mentors provides unique and valuable bonding and affinity-building experiences with each other and faculty and staff at the School. When it comes time for the first all-School meals or Morning Meeting a few days later, new scholars have several familiar, trusted faces in the crowd to sit with and, hopefully, burgeoning lifelong friends and mentors.

Students in the program are matched with a mentor. Their mentor is another person at the School who is invested in the new scholar's academic, emotional, and social success within the program and at the School at-large, while also understanding the unique experience of being a White Mountain Scholar themselves. Additionally, scholars have access to quarterly, directed meetings with alumnae/i mentors and the White Mountain BIPOC Alumnae/i Mentorship Program.

As juniors, seniors, and graduates, scholars have the opportunity to take on mentorship roles themselves and work with younger students and to shape and grow the program itself for current and future generations.

Positive relationships built on trust and mutual respect between students and adults are fundamental to the School’s approach to community. White Mountain Scholars have regular and frequent opportunities to get to know and have meaningful connections with some of the School’s key administrators. Scholars are offered the following individual and group meeting opportunities:

  • Bi-weekly individual meetings with the director of the program.

  • Quarterly group meetings with the director of the program and the assistant head of school for community, equity, and belonging.

  • Quarterly individual meetings focused on academics with the assistant head for teaching and learning.

  • Semesterly individual meetings with the director of college counseling, regardless of grade level.

  • Additionally, families are offered monthly and as-needed communication opportunities with the director of the program.

From a financial standpoint, while The White Mountain Scholars Program seeks to eliminate or significantly reduce the tuition burden on scholars and their families through need-based financial aid, it also seeks to address the day-to-day and unexpected costs that can occur and accumulate in a boarding school environment.

  • Round-trip train and bus stipends are provided to students who live as far south as New Jersey for all five of the School’s breaks.

  • The annual boarding services fee is completely waived.

  • Funds are built into the program for emergencies or unexpected financial hardships faced by scholars.

  • Potential additional financial assistance beyond the cost of tuition for course materials or equipment is available, along with a small allowance for things like weekend activities, Town Trips, or personal care.

  • Gear or co-curricular stipends are available, which are designed to increase the opportunities available to scholars through sports, co-curriculars, Field Courses, or Orientation Trips.