Athletics and Afternoon Activities

At White Mountain, every student plays and every student becomes an integral part of the team.

Athletics and outdoor activities are essential to the development of our students, and all are required to participate in a sport or afternoon activity of their choosing. Students have the opportunity to select one sport or activity per season (fall, winter and spring), regardless of grade-level or previous athletic experience or training. Our diverse co-curricular offerings allow students the flexibility to focus on a favorite sport or try something new within a safe and supportive atmosphere.

The result: improved skill sets, stronger bonds and greater self-confidence.
NEPSAC Code of Conduct and Ethics
As a basic principle, we believe that the lessons learned from fairly played athletics, whether interscholastic or not, and including games and practices, are of benefit to our students and our schools. The purpose of this Code of Ethics and Conduct is to define what 'fairly played' means and to provide guidelines for NEPSAC athletes, coaches, officials and spectators alike to follow. (NEPSAC)

NEPSAC Conduct and Sportsmanship
At the heart of this matter lie several terms which are often hard to define — yet no more important task confronts teachers and coaches than to set standards which are fair and honorable. Throughout this Code, when such terms as 'proper conduct' and 'good sportsmanship are mentioned, they refer to such standards as these:

  1. Treat officials, coaches, teammates, opponents, spectators and others with respect.
  2. Regard the rules of the game as agreements, the spirit or letter of which you should not evade or break.
  3. Accept the decisions of officials absolutely and without quarrel.
  4. Be as cooperative as you are competitive.
  5. Be gracious in victory and defeat.
  6. Be a representative of your school on and off the field.
"I have played basketball, soccer, and lacrosse throughout my time at White Mountain. Playing team sports has allowed me to build stronger bonds with my peers and become a role model for players new to the sport." — Fawaz '18
WMS is a member of the Lakes Region Athletic League, a subdivision of the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC).


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