Student Services

The White Mountain School values a healthy, vibrant and well-rounded experience. This is truly all encompassing and includes students’ academic, social, emotional, athletic and physical health and wellness. Recognizing that all students benefit from support in some of these areas, WMS has a comprehensive system designed to meet students where they are, while at the same time challenging them to grow and to thrive in all areas.
Faculty, staff, coaches and student leaders alike are all committed to modeling healthy lives and habits for all students. Faculty, especially advisors, maintain a close relationship with students so that if additional support is needed, it can be engaged quickly. In addition to the support offered simply by virtue of being a student in an amazing small community like WMS, students can also receive support from Health Services, Advisors, the Learning Center, our Chaplain and the Student Assistance Program.

Health and Wellness
At the heart of our student support network is our full-time Health Services staff, which is committed to ensuring the health and wellness of all WMS students. Our Director of Health Services is a registered nurse and is equipped to provide comprehensive health care for our students. She manages everything from nurturing the common cold and distributing medications to treating athletic aches and pains. Our Health Services staff works closely with local physicians, nurses, and a clinical counselor. The Littleton Regional Hospital is located 5 miles from our School.

Learning Center Academic Coaches

Academic Coaches work with students to address two types of learning needs — organization and study skills and/or identified learning difference(s). They assist students with gaining confidence, strategies, and accommodations to become successful independent learners. Click here for more information on the Learning Center.

Student Assistance Program

Our health and wellness framework is supported by the Student Assistance Program (SAP), with two faculty counselors available for easy, confidential access by students.


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