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About Emily


Bridgton, Maine


B.S., Biology and History, St. Lawrence University

My primary roles at White Mountain:

Teacher, Coach, Dorm Parent

Why White Mountain?

It’s beautiful and close to all the outdoor activities!

What influenced your passion for teaching?

My parents, they were both educators and they passed their love of learning and teaching on to me.

What excites you the most about teaching at WMS?

The kids! They are so compassionate and excited about learning.

When not in the classroom I can be found:

Walking my dog Zuzu, or enjoying the great outdoors. Maybe baking cookies for Burroughs Dorm.

Favorite place on campus?

Edge Field, the view is fantastic especially when there is snow on the mountains and the leaves are changing into fall colors. I also like the hiking trails late at night when the moon is full and the fog is thick. Add in a few coyote calls to make it even more fun!

Favorite season?

Winter! I love cold weather, snow, and the smell! I try to avoid dressing for winter whenever possible (unless I’m skiing) just so I can feel the brisk wind!